Exhibition “Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures”

As one of the world’s megacities, São Paulo has for decades seen an investment in architectural infrastructures that attempt to mitigate its open space shortages and also fulfill the constant need for recreational, cultural, and sports programs. The exhibition “Access for All: São Paulo’s Architectural Infrastructures” presents buildings, open spaces, and infrastructural projects at different scales—public, semipublic, or privately owned—which arguably attempt to create inclusive places for urban society.

Assistance by Marcello Della Giustina, João Bittar Fiammenghi, and Pia Nürnberger
Exhibition architecture by Mariana Vilela
Photographs by Ciro Miguel
Illustrations by Danilo Zamboni
Architectural drawings by Guilherme Pianca, Gabriel Sepe and team
Graphic Design by Kathryn Gillmore
Videos by Pedro Kok

LOCATION Munich, Germany
COMMISSIONER Architekturmuseum der TUM
CURATOR Daniel Talesnik
DATE June 13 – September 8, 2019
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